what is good health
Nurul Miles

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What is Health

What is health . to be physically, mentally and socially healthy is called healthy.

 In other words, to be healthy means to have good body, mind, social well-being and not to have any disease in the body.Water is solid, liquid, gaseous in three states.. Body, mind and society are in such a healthy and three state.

In these three conditions, being good is called good health and being bad is called bad health.

So we call both good and bad conditions healthy.

How Many Types of Health

There are three types of health. Physical, Mental, and social well-being.

What is Physical Health

what is physical health. Physical fitness is generally called physical health.  In addition, the physical structure of the human body is called physical health. Such as Brain, Eyes, Nose, Ear, Mouth, Kidney, heart, and Sleep, Exercise, Good Food etc.

What is Mental Health

What is mental health. The mind is generally called mental health. Mental health is a combination of human mind or human condition such as thoughts, consciousness, happiness, sorrow, tension, laughter, tears etc.

What is Social Health

What is social health. Social health means social thought, consciousness, joy, fear, happiness, sorrow is called social health. Social interactions with people in a social way, coming aspirations, wanting to get, not getting, mental stress.

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Child Care Topics

How to take care of the baby? Child care is of utmost importance. Because the future of a child nation. Therefore, the child must be brought up physically, mentally, socially and in a state of beauty and care.
Child care topics has discussed.

_health care of baby
health care of-child

Others disease

What is Corona Virus


An outbreak of a type of pneumonia occurred in December 2019 in China’s Wuhan Province.

The disease attacks the airways in the human body. The disease that results from the attack is called covid-19 or corona virus by scientists. The virus originated from a marine fish market in Wuhan, China.
Early symptoms of corona virus include fever, cough, sore throat, bad taste, headache, nausea, diarrhea. Click here to  learn more..

What is Diabetes

What is diabetes: it is  a decrease in the level of insulin in the blood and an increase in the level of Glucose and sugar.

In today’s world this disease is an epidemic. Diabetes symptoms, causes and ways to get rid of this disease are discussed.

Frequent thirst,Frequent         urination,Weight loss,Dry throat,Less seen in the eyes.  Mild pain in the head head, Delay in wound healing, Excessive weakening of the here to learn more..

Blood pressure


What is blood pressure. When the heart pumps blood, it creates pressure in the blood vessels, which is called blood pressure.

An adult healthy normal human has a blood pressure of 120/60 mm Hg.
If the blood pressure in the arteries of the heart is too high, it is marked as high blood pressure.

Again, if the pressure of blood flow in the arteries of the heart is too low, it is marked as normal blood pressure.

If the reading is 140/90 or more, then it must be understood that he has a problem with high blood pressure.
On the other hand, if the blood pressure is 90/80 or around, then it is considered as low blood pressure. Click here to learn more..


Eat Good Fruit And Make Good Health
Exercise And Make Good Health
Early Rise From Sleep And Make Good Health
Good Mind Good HealthYour
Exercise for health

what are the symptoms of heat stroke

what are the symptoms of heat stroke: What is stroke: A stroke is when brain function is damaged or lost, usually due to a blood vessel accident. It can happen to anyone at any time. Click here to know more

How to increase male hormones naturally

what is sex- Sex is a type of hormone in the human body. In medical terms, this hormone is produced in the testicles and it controls the male’s sexual ability. 

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weight loss tips at home

weight loss tips at home: Weight loss is defined as the reduction in body mass and body fat.
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