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About Epilepsy Epilepsy is a neurological sickness that impacts the mind and reasons seizures. A seizure is a surprising and frequently out of control electric disturbance withinside the mind which can bring about adjustments in behavior, movements, feelings, or consciousness. There are many styles of seizures, and they could range in severity, duration, and frequency. …

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Ear infection treatment


Ear infection treatment Ear infections are usually handled with antibiotics (if because of micro organism) or ache relievers and/or decongestants (if because of a viral contamination). In a few instances, a heat compress carried out to the affected ear may assist relieve ache. In excessive instances or instances that don’t reply to medication, a referral …

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What is Alcohol ? Alcohol, any of a class of organic compounds characterized by one or more hydroxyl (―OH) groups attached to carbon atoms of alkyl groups (hydrocarbon chains). Alcohols can be considered organic derivatives of water (H2O) where the hydrogen atom has been replaced by an alkyl group, usually represented by R in organic …

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What is Medicine ? Practices related to medicine, health maintenance and the prevention, alleviation or cure of disease. Medicine is the field of health and healing. It consists of nurses, doctors and various specialists. It covers diagnosis, treatment and prevention, medical research and many other aspects of health. The World Health Organization produced the Alma-Ata …

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