Protein Proteins are complicated macromolecules which can be important for the structure, function, and law of all dwelling organisms. They are made from chains of amino acids, that are related collectively via way of means of peptide bonds. There are 20 distinct forms of amino acids that may be used to make proteins, every with …

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Cataract. Its can occur at any age Cataracts are the leading cause of blindness worldwide. Common people know cataract as blindfold. This is a normal change in the body with age. Just as hair grows with age, the skin starts to wrinkle, the transparent natural lens inside the eye starts to wear day by day. …

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Tooth pain


Tooth pain. The role of teeth in human growth and health is immense. Toothache can occur in people of more or less all ages. However, those who are indifferent to dental care, suffer more from pain. A person who suffers from toothache knows how painful it is. If this pain is excessive, it is not …

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Health tips


Health tips. 1. Wake up early every morning to walk two or three km. take a walk It will refresh the mind and soul. 2. Before taking food and after using toilet. Be sure to wash your hands. 3. Chew your food thoroughly whenever you eat. It will improve digestion. 4. The main cause of …

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Kidney disease


Kidney disease.Kidney is an important organ of the body. Kidney disease damages the body very silently. Symptoms are usually not apparent until the condition is very complex. So it is important to know the early symptoms of kidney disease in advance. Many people with chronic kidney disease do not know they have the disease because …

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