What is Blood Pressure


When the heart pumps blood, it creates pressure in the blood vessels, which is called blood pressure. An adult healthy normal human has a blood pressure of 120/60 mm Hg.

If the it is  in the arteries of the heart is too high, it is marked as high pressure. Again, if the pressure of blood flow in the arteries of the heart is too low, it is marked as normal  pressure


High pressure Symptoms or indication


There are no symptoms of this disease. Even after that we get to see something Some of the symptoms of high  pressure that we see are discussed below.

Having severe headaches.

Neck pain.

Tremors in the body.

Tremors in the body.

became unconscious.

Not getting a good night’s sleep.

these symptoms occur, consult a doctor regularly. And take medicine

Cause or reason of high pressure


This disease is a silent killer. There is no specific reason for this. However, some reasons can be seen.



vision problems.
High cholesterol.
Do not do physical work.

Difficulty breathing.



Ways to control rule high  pressure



Alcohol and smoking should be reduced.

Regularly Exercise.

Eat healthy diet.

Reduce sodium.

Reduce your stress.

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