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What is diabetes: it is  a decrease in the level of insulin in the blood and an increase in the level of glucose and sugar. In today’s world this disease is an epidemic. Diabetes symptoms, causes and ways to get rid of this disease are discussed.

Before you can understand what is diabetes is, you need to understand what insulin is. Insulin is a hormone that regulates carbohydrates and fats in the body. Glucose cannot enter the body without insulin. Accumulates in the blood vessels.


And having too much glucose in the blood can slowly cause your health problems.

The function of insulin   is to inject energy into different parts of the body. But if the blood sugar level is high, it prevents. The result can be a human brain stock, heart attack.


 Diabetes is a disease in which the level of glucose or sugar in the blood increases and lowers insulin.

How many types of diabetes


diabetes symptoms


 First of all we can divide  into two parts.

 Type 1 and type 2

diabetes type one slowly destroys the body’s own insulin.  Type one called insulin dependent 

this disease type two fast  destroys the body’s own .


  Frequent thirst.

  Frequent urination.

  Weight loss.

  Dry throat.

  Less seen in the eyes.

  Mild pain in the head.

  Delay in wound healing.

  Excessive weakening of the body.

  Pain in hands and feet.

  Frequent hunger

What are the main causes of diabetes

what is good health

  Eat foods high in fat.

  Eating fast food

  Do not hard work   physical.

   Hereditary causes.

    Not playing regularly.

    Eating foods high in calories and sugars.

What are the harms of diabetes


    Loss of eyesight.

   May cause heart attack.

    Kidney failure.

    Liver damage

     Brain stock. 

What is the good cure of diabetes

        Controlling food.


          Don’t eat fatty foods

          Don’t eat sugary, calorie rich foods

          Drinking more and more water

          Eat more and more vegetables

          Exercise regularly

          Walk 30 to 50 minutes every day

           Drinking more and more water

          Take medicine if necessary 


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